Linen is our business. Service is our passion.

At General Linen Service, we provide an expert team that is dedicated for every account—from trained route managers to customer service. Your dedicated team are experts in your specific industry and can be counted on to know the linen needs and particulars of your business. And because we are a locally owned, independent company, you know and can trust with whom you are partnering for your linen services


Our 5-Star Promise

  • Total Quality Control – Your linens remain in our total quality control process– from pick up to delivery.
  • Highest Standards – All linen products are serviced to our highest quality standards, including meeting or exceeding all regulatory compliances.
  • Dedicated Linen Service Expert Team –Your dedicated linen service manager will help you manage your budgetary needs to make your business succeed.
  • On-Time Delivery – We guarantee our products are picked up and delivered on time.
  • Environmentally Responsible


Quality Service

Tipu Linen Services delivers quality table linens as well as kitchen and bar towels. What really sets us apart is our quality service. For us that means quality every day, every delivery.

Customer Service

As an independent, locally-owned company, we know that our employees are our greatest asset. Many of our employees having 10 years of experience. We are proud of the effort that goes into providing “every time” quality.


Modern Technology

Service representatives use hand held computers to transmit your linen delivery information in real time to our production operations and modern equipment helps us assure perfect washing and folding every time, whether its a napkin or chef coat. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve how we do what we have been doing for 3 generations.

Quality Textiles

We only use high quality textiles for our table linens so we can assure a consistently good look and feel. Aprons, wear, towels, mats are all purchased from a select group of leaders in our industry so we can control the quality we are getting.